Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Charleston, SC?

Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs in Charleston, SC?

It's crucial for every rental property owner to know that 44% of Charleston residents are renters.

Rental property management is all about ensuring that your property is maintained. While landlords are generally responsible for property maintenance and repairs, many property owners outsource these tasks.

Who pays for repairs? Read on to break down this repair question and get a helpful checklist.

Who Pays for Rental Property Repairs?

The property owner has to cover the repair expenses in most cases. The tenant only has to pay if they created the damage.

Property management fees typically do not include the cost of repairs. Property managers ensure that the repair bills are paid and documented.

Rental Property Company Responsibilities for Repairs

One of the common questions Charleston landlords have is whether property managers pay for these repairs. Property management companies typically do not cover the cost of repairs themselves, but they do play a critical role in managing the process. Here's how it typically works:


What happens when a maintenance issue is reported by the tenant or discovered during an inspection? The property manager assesses the situation. They determine the nature and urgency of the repair.


Property managers provide the property owner with an estimate of the repair costs and discuss the necessary repairs. The property owner then approves the budget.

Vendor Coordination

Property managers already know incredible contractors and vendors. They coordinate with these professionals to carry out the repairs.


Throughout the repair process, property managers keep the property owner informed about the progress and costs. They ensure transparency in all aspects of the repair.

Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

Property managers are responsible for adhering to a checklist. It has to cover various aspects of property upkeep. Here are some key items on a typical rental property maintenance checklist:

Routine Inspections

Property managers have to check for any maintenance issues. This includes checking for leaks, electrical problems, and general wear and tear.


Maintaining the property's landscaping is crucial for curb appeal and the well-being of the property. Property managers ensure the yard is landscaped, lawns are mowed, and gardens are maintained.

Appliance Maintenance

Ensuring that appliances in the rental property are in working order is essential. Property managers oversee routine checks and repairs as needed.

HVAC Systems

One of the most important maintenance tasks is servicing the HVAC system. Property managers schedule inspections and maintenance to keep it in top shape.

Plumbing and Electrical

From leaky faucets to faulty wiring, there are all kinds of issues that could lead to lots of trouble. Property managers address plumbing and electrical issues right away to prevent more extensive problems.

Do You Need Help with Rental Property Management in Charleston?

Rental property owners are the ones who end up footing the repair bills in most cases. A property management team can make this process a whole lot easier, though.

Rental property management doesn't have to be stressful. A property management company can take these tasks off your plate.

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